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Welcome to the CD&D Services, LLC (CD&D) website! I hope you enjoy your visit, and
that you can take time to browse around this site. My name is Rayford Henderson, Jr.
and I am the owner/operator of CD&D, a freelance computer aided drafting services
company that I formed in 2008. CD&D's home office is my home office, which is located
on Lookout Mountain within 5 miles of Little River Canyon National Preserve and the
well-known Akin's Furniture of Dog Town, Alabama.

Before I formed CD&D, I served in the professional world of Civil Engineering as a
computer aided draftsman for 20+ years, the previous 12 years of which were spent
as the CADD & IT Manager for ADL, Inc., one of the Ladd Engineering family of busi-
nesses located in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Having served in this profession for several years, I realize that there are many times
when the current workload and the desired deadlines call for additional manpower in
the area of computer aided drafting, but time, the uncertainty of future projects, and
company resources may not justify the addition of another full time employee. This is
the niche that CD&D was created for, but that is certainly not all!

CD&D also offers as-built/record drawing services, digitizing services, house plans,
architectural rendering, website design, and computer repairs! All potential clients
are invited to review my personal resume and CD&D Statement of Qualifications.
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have concerning our services!

Sincerest Regards,

Edward R. Henderson, Jr.