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Are you tired of paying for the overhead costs of those "down town" computer repair companies every time you catch a virus, accidentally install the latest malware, or have problems getting that software or hardware upgrade working properly?

If so, why not contact CD&D Services, LLC for your computer repair needs? We have over 30 years of "on the job" work experience with pc related software and hardware issues! And, since we are a home based business, we do not pass along any "overhead" cost for building rent or leasing, multiple employee salaries & benefit packages, or other hidden costs that warrant those inflated prices for simple computer repairs.

Our services include, but are not limited to: Software & Hardware Installation, Customization, and Diagnostics, Virus & Malware Removal, Desktop & Large Format Printer/Plotter Installation, Setup, and Diagnostics, File Retrieval, Surveillance Software Installation and Setup, and much more! Click here to view a detailed list of our software and hardware experience! We also offer website design and hosting services (click here for website design page)!