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CD&D Services, LLC
2707 County Rd. 115
Fort Payne, AL 35967
(Cell) 256.996.6139

At CD&D Services, LLC. we are happy to say that we are U.S.A. proud!

We believe in the ability of Americans to produce the best
products and services that money can buy! As an American
owned and operated computer aided drafting and design services company, our promise to you is quality that you
can depend on, and a product that does not require the cleanup efforts of your own staff due to inexperience and
cheap service from foreign companies, and so-called
"professionals" that have a long history of producing lack-
luster results at best!

Having served in the computer aided drafting and design
profession for almost 30 years, I have personal experience with professional engineering firms that chose to take the
"cheap" route on digital drawings from such places as India, only to get a product that required more time to cleanup
that it would have to draft the work from scratch! I have also
witnessed a lot of "new hires" that may improve in time,
though some continue to give you fast results that often
involve numerous design mistakes that may not be seen
until said project reaches the construction stage - and by
then it is a bit too late to do much about it except honor that
Change Order and pay the fee required by that contractor!

If you have worked in this field very long, you know what I am describing as being true, for you have probably seen it
in your own firm. We at CD&D Services, LLC have the experience to help you throughout the completion of your projects with the assurance that the quality drafting and design services that we offer are trustworthy and avoid such issues as that which have been described.

Our specialty is primarily that typically found within the field of Civil Engineering, but as you will discover from the Statement of Qualifications link on this page, that field covers quite a bit of territory that touches on Structural CAD, Architectural CAD, and various areas of computer aided
drafting and design! Contact CD&D Services, LLC for these,
and more, of your CAD needs!


Edward R. Henderson, Jr.